Pokemon Black/White 2 trailer revealed.

You guys excited yet?? Of course you are. The newest entry in the Pokemon series got it’s very first trailer today, showing off both of the new characters for this new region. The game will take place 2 years after the first and will be set in Hiougi City. Pokemon B/W2 will add more puzzles, characters, events, and more pokemon to the mix later this year.

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Cave Shooter ‘Akai Katana’ releasing in Q2

I’m a big bullet hell shooter fan. Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Mushi hime-sama, you name it. That’s why it excites me to say that Cave’s newest shooter ‘Akai Katana’ will be hitting stateside in Q2 of this year for Xbox 360. The teaser trailer(courtesy of IGN) shows the typical high school characters holding swords while flying WWI style ships. My type of game. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Get Kid Icarus AR cards for FREE!!

The hype train for Kid Icarus: Uprising keeps on moving as we prepare for it’s release next week with Nintendo Club giving out free AR cards for the Action/Shooter. If you haven’t seen these yet then check out some youtube demos of it. The AR cards enable players to digitally fight each other using augmented reality. Seriously, it’s something Pokemon should have thought up first(just like Skylanders). According to nintendo there will be over 100 cards avaliable for players to fight with each other. No word on if these will become a retail item. So head on over to Club Nintendo and get your free cards!


Get your AR cards here!!

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